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10 Best Things to do during COVID-19 Lockdown

  1. Read a Book: Reading a novel, any interesting story book, or magazine will not only keep you engaged but also strengthen your memory and instigate positive mood and happiness to get rid of the boredom. Grab your favorite book, snuggle in the cozy corner of your room and enjoy reading.

  2. Spend quality time with your Family: One of the best moments which you long for throughout your life is spending quality time with your family and kids. And, lockdown serves as the best opportunity to spend wonderful time with your beloved ones at home. Engage with your kids, tell them pleasant stories and play various games with your little ones & rest of the family. Spend a fantastic time talking and laughing with your loved ones and create precious moments to treasure for the lifetime.

  3. Practice Yoga: Balance your mind and body while being at home by practicing various yoga poses. Yoga helps improve your circulatory and cardio health, respiratory system and vitality, regulate your weight, achieve balanced metabolism and enhance your overall physical as well as psychological health. If you do not know yoga, watch some yoga videos on YouTube and practice various yoga poses.

  4. Cook your favorite Delicacies: One of the best activities that you often miss due to your busy work life is cooking your and your family’s favorite delicacies. Take hold of your kitchen during the lockdown and prepare various savoury cuisines and snacks for your dear ones at home. Kids are surely going to love this!

  5. Declutter your Home: Invest some time in cleaning your home daily. Decluttering brings in positive energy. Keeping your home spic-n-span not only drives away unpleasant dust and dirt from your abode but also offers you positive vibes and charms you up.

  6. Listen to Music: Please your ears and mind by listening to the melodious tunes of music. Pleasant music sets the mood and compels you to stay happy, no matter where you are. So, play the playlist of your favorite songs and beat the gloominess, which you may experience while being at home for days together.

  7. Watch Movies: Do you hardly find time amidst your busy daily working hours to watch your favorite movies? Lockdown offers you a fantastic opportunity to enjoy watching plenty of movies, which tops your ‘Movies To-Watch’ list.

  8. Enjoy Birding: As all of us prefer to stay indoors during this period, the nature is rejuvenating naturally. Just by peeping out of your window or balcony, you get to view several chirpy birds, which otherwise hardly are seen near our abode. Spotting and watching various colorful birds and listening to the sounds that they make is bound to bring a smile on your face. Capture their photos, figure out which bird it is by using Google Lens, and learn more about these lovely beings hovering around your home.

  9. Learn Paper Craft: Delight yourself by learning some new paper craft during lockdown. Paper is an easily available commodity which you might have in bounty at your home. And, if you are wondering how to learn new craft without getting out of your home, a variety of videos on arts and crafts featured on YouTube is the answer. Learn origami, quilling, and many other creative paper crafts

  10. Meditate: Keep your mind peaceful by practicing meditation every day. Inhale and exhale slowly focusing on your mind and experience relaxation which is sure to help you beat the lockdown stress. Learn various mediating practices and breathing exercises online.

Now that you know these best things to do during lockdown, beat the boredom and lethargy of this challenging period by trying these activities.

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